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About Barbara Denise Files

Barbara Denise Files
Classically trained by ballet dance legend, Andre Eglevsky, Barbara Denise Files is dedicated to bringing the artistic beauty of ballet to the world of figure skating. In addition to performing with a number of dance companies, she has taught ballet and choreographed for students ranging from beginners up to those at the professional level, and has taught master dance classes and custom dance classes for figure skaters.

An expert in her field

Barbara’s reputation as an expert and talented instructor in her field has not gone unnoticed. She has been interviewed by The Journal News, a major newspaper in Westchester and Rockland counties, and has written for Dance Teacher Magazine. Her February 2005 article, “Arabesque on Ice,” was the magazine’s premier piece on ballet for figure skaters. This fall, Barbara will be presenting interactive workshops on evaluating artistry for the Ice Skating Institute’s coaching/judging conferences.

A professional dancer

Raised on Long Island, New York, Barbara Denise Files studied dance extensively. In addition to her training in ballet, she is also well versed in jazz, lyrical, modern, funk, and tap. During her teen years, Barbara toured the New York tri-state area and parts of New England with the Eglevsky Ballet Company. She received numerous artistic scholarships and has worked with internationally acclaimed choreographers such as James Waring, famous for his influence on postmodern dance and his work in the production of Phrases and Amoretti.

A unique coaching style

As a professional dancer with a background in skating, swimming and gymnastics, Barbara knows first-hand what it’s like to train for a competition, and is dedicated to working with students wanting to incorporate the elegance and refinement of ballet in sports outside the dance world. While teaching and working with a diverse range of athletes and dancers, Barbara recognized the need to explain ballet in a simple, entertaining manner. Her classes emphasize results rather than theory and are geared towards reaching the goals of the students whether it is to dance professionally or to improve artistry within their own sport.

Practical business experience

Barbara Denise Files is the author of two books, including Ballet Secrets for Skaters. In addition to her performing arts credentials, Barbara has 18 years experience as a corporate manager, consultant, seminar leader, writer and public speaker. She earned her MBA degree at New York University and her BBA degree on full scholarship at Adelphi University.


Barbara Denise Files is a member of US Figure Skating, the Professional Skaters Association and the Ice Skating Institute. In addition, Barbara belongs to the Rye Figure Skating Club of New York and the Bridgeport Figure Skating Club of Connecticut. In the writing world, Barbara is a member of the National Writers Union and the Small Artists, Publishers and Writers Network.


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