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Ice Skating Institute!

A great big “thank you” to the Ice Skating Institute for inviting Barbara Denise Files, artistic coach and author of Ballet Secrets for Skaters, to present “How to Spot, Evaluate & Teach Artistry.”

Figure skating coaches and judges gained a new perspective on artistic ways to hold the head, shoulders and hands. More importantly, they discovered techniques for using artistry to capture and hold an audience’s attention on the ice. Barbara’s ideas paved the way for a lively discussion that included lots of audience participation.

During lunch, we talked about the ISI’s “Artistic Challenges.” These competitions focus on artistry, rather than extreme skating technique. Many people at the seminar had attended artistic challenges with their skating students.

Figure skating coach and ISI member , Sharon Dale Funderburk (pictured below) is a District I Artistic Challenge winner.

Some of the ISI coaches and judges have a little fun showing their artistic skills to the audience.
Sharon Dale Funderbunk
Sharon Dale Funderburk, ISI District I Gold Medallist for Artistic Skating (Freestyle 7 Adult) takes a moment to show one of her favorite artistic poses.

District III President Lisa Fedick, MIRMA District III President Judy Sniffen, and guest speaker Barbara Denise Files demonstrate artistic arm and hand positions.


A free artistic workshop followed by a booksigning at the CapezioBalletMakers’ flagship store in New York City.


DATE: June 2006
Presentation at the Ice Skating Institute's Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.


For further information, please contact
Barbara Denise Files
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