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Photo Gallery

This photo gallery combines both photos from author Barbara Denise Files' own career as a dance teacher and artistic coach, as well as the color versions of those that are included in the book.

An important note:
All photos in the book Ballet Secrets for Skaters are in black and white.

Artistic Moments

Yuka Sato and Jason Dungjen standing back to back
Yuka Sato and Jason Dungjen take a break from an ice show rehearsal to chat with author Barbara Denise Files. Here they demonstrate a pose from their skating program.
Viktor Petrenko
Olympic Gold Medallist Viktor Petrenko spoke with Ballet Secrets for Skaters author Barbara Denise Files about his early training and its affect on his skating programs. Here is a moment from Viktor’s performance with Champions On Ice.  (Thank you to Champions on Ice for this photo.)

This is one of the Amy Mossman photos we used for the Ballet Secrets web site banner.  It’s the one with the skater leaning back with her leg extended behind her in a spin.
U.S. National Medallist Angela Nikodinov displays an elegant pose in this beautiful layback spin. Notice the delicately curved arms and the soft hand position.  The turned out leg is in a ballet "attitude" position.  (Thank you to Amy Mossman for sharing this incredible photo.)

This is an Amy Mossman photo of a man and a woman – in an elegant lunge position.
World Ice Dance Medallists Albena Denkova & Maxim Stavisky show artistic body lines in this intricate lunge.  (Thank you to Amy Mossman for sharing this dramatic photo.)

The Ballet Secrets for Skaters model, Lauren is an individual and synchro team skater who shares her knowledge of figure skating with young skaters. Here she’s getting ready to practice on the ice.

This is the author photo in the blue tutu…demonstrating artistic arm and head positions.
Author Barbara Denise Files started learning ballet secrets at the age of 5. Here she is…before her very first performance.

This is the cutout of the three dancers in multi-colored dresses.  The dancer in the middle of the trio has her arms crossed above her head.
Here are three of Barbara’s dance students performing a lyrical piece with a contemporary theme. Many of her students are Broadway-bound singers/actors, figure skaters, or competitive gymnasts who round out their skills with dance training.


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